Christopher Maxwell

Greetings friends and colleagues!

As a young boy, growing up in Western Pennsylvania, I can recall being extremely adventurous and open-minded. Countless times, I found myself venturing out on my own, in search of new experiences and surroundings. While this may have been to the dismay of my parents at some times, I learned so much about how to face a number of challenges that I was confronted with, absent of the assistance from other people. I found a bit of solitude and well being while wondering aimlessly through nature, especially in wooded areas. It was always amazing, to me, how such beauty and seemingly complete randomness could spark from almost anywhere, given a set of inhibiting conditions. I would often find myself seeking out areas in the world around me where I could hear nothing but the natural sounds of nature whispering in my ears. As I grew older I came to label this “earth’s music.” Sometimes, when I am troubled with the complexities of societal obligations, I revert to those thoughts of solitude within nature and I think to myself, the noise of the artificial world humans have created will never be as beautiful as the “earth’s music.” This is where the roots of my journey into pursuing a life’s work in studying sound and how to manipulate it in various ways began.

As I grew older and began listening closely to the music my parents would play from our stereo system in our home, my influences started to form a broad horizon of. From Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles; I experienced such a wide variety of music to facilitate my fascination for the ways in which music is created. Looking back, I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given, to experience such a wide range of musical styles. I learned, in a subliminal fashion, from this wide range of genres, that not only does the message matter but even more importantly, is the artist’s true belief in the music they are creating. I feel like I have always been drawn to any kind of music that the artist who created the song was soulfully attached to the creation. On the flipside, I never found much enjoyment from lyrical or “musical” content that was strictly driven for superficial or pessimistic meaning or purpose.

Music has been a sort of sanctuary for me throughout my existence and a life without the presence of song seems very dark and desolate to me. During my travels while in the armed forces, I found myself in many difficult situations. These situations were always much more bearable when I had some positive music to listen to or even create in my own head. Sometimes I find myself creating a simple melody in my head that has nothing to do with any song I have heard in the past, it is simply a musical representation of what is happening in my thoughts. Any time I am feeling a certain way about a situation, I subconsciously create some music in my thoughts to help myself get a grasp on the reality of the situation.

With all that said, my approach to any project I undertake starts with contemplation of finding a higher meaning within the task. I enjoy working with artists who convey their true selves openly and leave their fears and doubts behind. I also strive to help artists through those times when the negative feelings they have seems to creep up and be overwhelming. A positive atmosphere is absolutely essential to the creative process as far as I am concerned. Negativity breeds more negativity and that is never a positive thing, in my experience. I make an effort to appreciate anyone who has the courage to pursue what they believe in and sometimes believing in anything at all is better than having no beliefs.

My goals for the future are very clear. Constantly seeking to further my education in multiple facets, meeting as many people as humanly possible, appreciating the opportunities that may come along, and helping others be at their best as much as I can. Keeping these goals in mind and sharing as much love and happiness that I am capable of along the way keeps me motivated and dedicated to being the best possible person, spirit, and asset I can be in this life. For those of you who I have had the pleasure of meeting already, I am very thankful that our paths have intersected and for those of you I have not had the pleasure to meet yet in person, I can not wait to experience the presence of your being. I wish you all the best, EVERYONE!

Christopher R Maxwell

Feel free to contact me at any time via your preferred method of interaction (email, phone, etc..) and I will gladly reply. Above all I believe we are all in this experience of life together and I wish everyone the best of success and prosperity!