I'm a creative writer and a formal copyeditor, an abstract sound designer and a detail-oriented musical composer. My ultimate goal is to find a professional middle ground between these worlds. I've been studying at the Los Angeles Recording School for the past year to help that happen.

My primary experience is in journalism and content creation. I started out as a Public Relations specialist in the Navy, and went on to get my bachelor's degree in journalism after that. I've been writing freelance event reviews since then, am happy proofreading and copyediting, and appreciate a good audience-specific content scrub with a twist. I've written about pop stars, real estate, the benefits and facial cleansers, rocking chairs, rifle scopes, DJ equipment, CD printer technology, psychology, health food, clickable prototypes and time shares.

Musically, I keep as broad of an approach as I can. I produce ambient, experimental techno. I'm comfortable making 30-second commercial spots in whatever flavor you need. I write dark, shadowy song lyrics over happy folk guitar chords. I do classical piano improv sessions and put sounds of New York City traffic in the background. I am a 5-piece acoustic indie band, for mixing and mastering practice.

I've done some scoring for videogames and movie backgrounds, some re-mixing for dance tracks, and some mastering for hip-hop. I cruise through the composition process in Logic Pro and do my editing, mixing, and finalizing processes in Pro Tools.

I've been through a lot of creative phases, and I like to think of them as rounding out my experiences as a writer and musician. The following links, tracks, and videos are all examples from my journey.

Some of my most recent work includes mastering these albums:

  • Parker & The Numberman - Clockwork Slang
  • Left Handed Scientists - Kill Your Present Future
  • Marsellus Wallace - Soundtrack Pro
  • Blackbird - Blackelectro
  • and selected tracks by DJ Inform, Golden Gages, and Alec Christian

    The last album that I put out is called Committed

    Education and Background:

    2006 - Present - Business owner, freelance writer and photographer, record label manager - Confined Media

    2011 - Associate of Science in Recording Arts, Valedictorian, Los Angeles Recording School

    2005 - Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, University of Washington

    2000-2004 - US Navy, Journalist 2nd Class Petty Officer

    Music, Audio, and Video Projects

    Good Morning, Joe Album

    Electronic Music Productions

    Produced 25 EP's and 4 artist albums as Ryan Xristopher, Split Attention, and Oob on the Confined Media record label

    Musical Composition

    Composed for "The Many Masks of Maximillian," "Out of Body," and "Dance Attack" video game projects

    Composed and performed "Midnight Lullaby" used in the Singing Moon thesis project

    Lost and Found (Songbook) Dark Lullabies (Songbook)

    Indie Compositions as Ryan X -

    Lost & Found by Ryan Xristopher

    Film Production Sound Work

  • Boom operator for the "Singing Moon" Thesis Project
  • Boom Operator for the "Elu & Anarin" Senior Film Project